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Our Partners

Our Partners

Our strategy involves acquiring an ownership interest in Investment Management and Wealth Advisory firms that become our Partners.  Our objective is to create alignment between our Partner firms by providing capital, liquidity and new business opportunities to accelerate their growth.  By creating this alignment, we believe our Partners can collectively deliver cost effective, high quality investment solutions to Canadians.

  • Bellwether Investment Management Inc.

    Bellwether Investment Management Inc. is a boutique investment manager that offers tailored investment solutions for affluent investors, Foundations, Estates and Trusts utilizing its proprietary “Disciplined Dividend Growth” Investment Process.It is our investment experience and the “Disciplined Dividend Growth” process that when combined deliver results for our clients…

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  • archerETF Portfolio Management

    archerETF Portfolio Management is a boutique investment manager that offers tailored global tactical investment solutions for High Net Worth investors, Foundations, Estates and Trusts using its proprietary quantitative Investment Process. archerETF is a division of Bellwether Investment Management Inc.

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  • INDEX Wealth Management

    Index Wealth Management provides discretionary investment management and wealth planning services for individuals, foundations and non-profit
    corporations from its offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg.
    INDEX manages client portfolios utilizing an investment philosophy which maximizes the benefits of Exchange Traded Funds
    (ETFs) as the core holdings. Depending on a clients investment goals, objectives and “risk comfort zone”, these ETFs can then be
    combined with equity option strategies to enhance income or reduce the volatility of the annual return of a portfolio.