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Our Partners

Our Partners

Our strategy involves acquiring an ownership interest in Investment Management and Wealth Advisory firms that become our Partners.  Our objective is to create alignment between our Partner firms by providing capital, liquidity and new business opportunities to accelerate their growth.  By creating this alignment, we believe our Partners can collectively deliver cost effective, high quality investment solutions to Canadians.

  • Bellwether Investment Management Inc.

    Bellwether Investment Management Inc. is a boutique investment manager that offers tailored investment solutions and safeguards the future for affluent families and investors, foundations, estates and trusts utilizing its proprietary “Disciplined Dividend Growth” Investment Process.

    Our seasoned investment team, comprised of portfolio managers, is held to the highest standard in the industry. Our Family Wealth team, made up of skilled financial planners, has a range of expertise in insurance, taxes, real estate and estate planning to help you achieve your financial goals.

    Bellwether is smaller than the banks, so clients never feel like a number. However, it is one of 50 of the largest discretionary management firms in Canada (according to Strategic Insights survey), which ensures clients never have to compromise on the quality and range of expertise and experience they receive.

    Are you ready to spread your wings? Let Bellwether help you fly without the fear of falling.

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  • Adaptive ETF

    Adaptive ETF was established as a division of Bellwether Investment Management in 2018. The name “Adaptive” was chosen for a reason, as it speaks to the importance of flexibility and agility in a world where change is the only constant. Success requires adaptation and the new name reflects this belief.

    Since acquiring INDEX Wealth Management, archerETF and Adaptive Asset Management, Bellwether’s Adaptive Global ETF Strategy® grew from what was a desire to serve clients better, and made it a reality. Adaptive ETF’s goal is to be the #1 ETF strategist in Canada—the kind of people who are trusted for their insight, diligence and ability to adapt to ever-changing market conditions. Adaptive wants to be the first choice of individual and institutional investors looking for a truly customized and adaptive ETF portfolio, and the trusted partner of financial advisors looking for respected ETF portfolio solutions for their own clients.

    The Adaptive approach may be based in ETFs, but the principles are the same as those used for any Bellwether investment strategy: ask tough questions, develop a repeatable and reliable process, test it to ensure it gets results and have the discipline to stick to it.

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