LPCP (TSXV: LPC) is building a North American wealth management business by bringing together boutique investment managers and wealth advisors to deliver tailored, cost-effective investment solutions.

For years, affluent investors have been well served by discretionary investment managers, but they often lack widespread acceptance and understanding due to limited visibility and distribution opportunities. Wealth advisors are often overburdened by administration and compliance demands that can impact their ability to serve their clients more fully.

LPCP's approach is to bring the benefits of scale without bureaucracy to boutique investment managers and wealth advisors, so that together they can deliver a complete wealth management experience to their clients. An experience that is rooted in detailed financial planning and executed with industry-leading investment management solutions.


By the numbers

# 1

Ranked as the #1 Financial Services Company in Canada by The Financial Times in The Americas' Fastest Growing Companies 2022



Total combined value of Bellwether's assets under management





As of September 2022, shareholder returns have earned 261% in 5 years



people + process = results

Our Core Values

  • 1 Trust is earned one conversation at a time.
  • 2 Every decision must be in our clients' best interests; otherwise, trust is lost. We are legal fiduciaries; our motivation can never be in doubt.
  • 3 Working together as One Team delivers the best results for all stakeholders — clients, colleagues, partners, shareholders, and the community.
  • 4 The best outcomes require disciplined processes.
  • 5 Innovation is the answer to uncertainty. Focus on creating the best solutions that are tailored to client needs, and then make them better.
  • 6 Where there is communication and collaboration, there is synergy. When there's alignment between investment managers, wealth advisors, and clients, everyone benefits from working together.


Our business strategy is uniquely different from many firms in the wealth management industry. By combining the best of both the investment management and wealth advisory worlds, we believe we have created a winning outcome for our clients, colleagues, partners, shareholders, and the community. Our accelerated growth is the result of leveraging the aging investment industry demographic and the execution of our four-part growth strategy.


As a North American wealth management company, LPCP shareholders benefit from the significant growth in assets under management ("AUM") that our team is building. The fees charged on our clients' AUM are the primary source of revenues generated by the company. This revenue tends to be very stable, and based on our track record and the effectiveness of our growth strategy, we anticipate it will continue to grow in the future. Reliable revenue growth has led to growing profitability and, in turn, share price appreciation as well as increasing dividend payout.


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