The investment industry has seen considerable growth over the years, with portfolio managers and wealth or financial advisors building solid businesses. While there has been significant growth, the industry remains highly fragmented, with many boutique firms in addition to the large bank-owned shops.

The appeal of boutique firms is their level of service and ability to offer tailored investment and planning solutions, but their size also creates challenges regarding continued growth, the need for specialized resources, and ultimately, succession planning for their owners. These owners often feel burdened by the unrelenting regulatory and operational demands of their business and can struggle to maintain the desired level and quality of service that is a core tenant of the boutique offering.

Our approach helps owners preserve their boutique appeal, allowing them to focus on what they do best and not worry about the rest, as well as create a plan to fully monetize their business over time. We achieve this by bringing the benefits of scale through the specialization of team members and unique investment solutions, while still remaining nimble and dedicated to our partners and their clients. By combining like-minded teams, we are building an independent North American wealth management platform dedicated to serving affluent investors.



Executive Leadership

Our leadership team has a lengthy track record of success with expertise in investment management, distribution, and marketing, and share a similar focus and dedication to enhancing the lives of all stakeholders.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors compliments the leadership team's expertise with some of Canada's best business minds and most innovative thinkers across the industry at large.

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