Core Tenets

The core tenets of our strategy are:

  • To the clients of our partners — to provide robust, integrated investment and wealth management solutions that are cost-effective.
  • To our investment management and wealth advisory partners — to assist our partners as they build on their current success by providing the necessary resources, both today and in the future. To bring the benefits of scale without the bureaucracy to their practice, allowing them to focus on what they do best and ignore the rest.
  • To our shareholders — to deliver steady growth in revenue and earnings via our proven four-part growth strategy, which over time will translate into a higher dividend payout and ultimately share price appreciation.

Why working together works for everyone.


By bringing investment management and wealth advisory partners together, we create a stronger team structure where our investment managers work side by side with their wealth advisory partners to better serve our clients. This direct delivery model reduces the cost to the client, providing them access to high-quality investment management at a reasonable cost. Also, clients benefit from robust investment solutions such as alternative private investment opportunities that result from partners sharing their expertise with one another. One plus one really does equal three in our strategy.


As a North American wealth management company, LPCP shareholders benefit from the significant growth in assets under management ("AUM") that our team is building. The fees charged on our clients' AUM are the primary source of revenues generated by the company. This revenue tends to be very stable, and based on our track record, we anticipate it will continue to grow in the future. Stable revenue growth has led to growing profitability and, in turn, an increasing dividend payout.

LPCP also provides shareholders with a simple means of benefiting from a tremendous demographic opportunity occurring in North America: the aging baby boomer population. We target the boomer market in three key ways:

  • Many of our investment solutions are designed to serve the income needs of the boomer retiree.
  • We offer the boomer owners of boutique firms the ability to continue to serve their clients well and ultimately transition them to the next generation of advisors when the time is right.
  • We provide these owners with an effective succession strategy, allowing them to fully monetize the business they have built.


By aligning investment management and wealth advisory partners, we can accelerate assets under management (AUM) growth and, in turn, revenue growth for our partners. Partners remain focused on delivering boutique-quality service and solutions to their clients and are less burdened by compliance and regulatory responsibilities. This focus translates into more satisfied clients (i.e., stable revenue) and AUM growth, which allows our partners to maximize the value of their practice. Our strategy also provides liquidity, transparency, and diversification to the owners of the partner firms and addresses the succession and ownership transition issues facing many firms.

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