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Why Lorne Park Capital Partners?

For Shareholders

  • Our investments are structured to participate in the “top line” revenue of Investment Management and Wealth Advisory firms and we do not manage their day to day operations therefore our business model is very scalable.
  • Revenues tend to be fairly stable since they are earned as a percentage of our Partners’ assets under management and typically there is a low turnover within a client base.
  • We are very incented to help our Partners grow since our revenue increases as their revenue does.
  • Our strategy offers a unique, attractive vehicle for harvesting cashflow in the wealth management business.
  • Our management team has a lengthy track record of success in the investment management and advisory business.

For Partner Firms

  • We offer a unique vehicle for Investment Management and Wealth Advisory firms and individual advisors to capitalize the value of their revenue stream without giving up their operational independence and brand.
  • Our strategy allows owners the ability to continue to participate in the future growth of their business and benefit from potential new growth opportunities.
  • We provide liquidity and/or capital for future growth and recruitment in our Partner firms.
  • Our strategy provides both a short and long term succession plan as well as potential equity participation in a larger public company.