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Our Partnership Approach

We believe that our strategy, based in partnership, addresses the issues facing investors and the investment industry today while delivering revenue growth. Our approach is based on creating an alignment between all partners, as outlined below:

Investment Management Partners

We invest in, and accelerate, the growth of high quality boutique investment management firms that have a track record of delivering excellent risk-adjusted returns over the long term, and thus have the potential for significant further growth. Our partnership approach aligns the goals of Lorne Park Capital Partners (LPCP) and that of our Partners by investing alongside their management teams. The Partner firm’s management remains focused on continuing to deliver excellent returns and growing their business footprint. This approach also provides a degree of liquidity, transparency and diversification to the owners of the Partner firms, and assists in addressing the succession and ownership transition issues facing many principal owners.

In addition to capital, we assist these Investment Managers with their future growth by broadening their sources of new business through our Wealth Advisory partnerships. In addition, investment expertise and specialty investment solutions can be shared across the Partner firms to deliver a more robust investment solution to clients.

Wealth Advisory Partners

We believe that there are tremendous synergies that can be achieved by bringing together high quality boutique Investment Managers with Wealth Advisors in the Canadian marketplace. Wealth advisors face a growing list of challenges from increased regulatory disclosures to the need for effective, affordable investment solutions for their clients. Too often, the options that are available to advisers today have a built in cost structure that results in larger investors subsidizing small investors and layers of costs that result in sub-par returns for all clients.

In addition, our Wealth Advisory Partners face the same long term challenges that our Investment Management Partners face. By becoming a LPCP Partner, Wealth Advisory firms and individual wealth advisers can participate in the same partnership approach we utilize with investment managers; providing them with the autonomy they want, resources to grow, and cost effective investment solutions for their clients.

Together, LPCP is creating alignment between our Investment Management and our Wealth Advisory Partners. With this alignment, collectively, we provide robust, cost effective solutions to investors by leveraging the distinct talents of our partners. Partners who have the resources and common focus that is necessary to focus on what they do best.