Our strategy involves acquiring a significant ownership interest in portfolio management and wealth advisory firms that become our partners. Our objective is to create alignment between our partner firms by streamlining functions, providing capital for growth and ultimately succession, and allowing partners to refocus on client service and new business opportunities to accelerate growth. By creating this alignment, we believe our partners can collectively deliver cost-effective, high-quality investment solutions to affluent families.


Discretionary Investment Management Services

Bellwether Investment Management Inc. is a hand-picked team of portfolio managers and family wealth advisors from across Canada, brought together to achieve one goal: yours.

Bellwether safeguards the future for affluent families, businesses, non-profit organizations, pension plans, and foundations. Our investment management team, comprised of portfolio managers, is held to the highest standard in the industry. Our Family Wealth team, comprised of skilled financial planners, has wide-ranging expertise in insurance, taxes, real estate, and estate planning to help clients achieve their financial goals.

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Estate and Insurance Services

Often, in the course of developing financial plans for clients, there are retirement and estate planning needs that are best served with an insurance strategy. Our Family Wealth advisors are licensed to source the best insurance option from a broad range of insurance companies to provide the best outcome at the lowest price.

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Financial Planning Services

Financial planning services form the foundation of every client relationship. Based on the financial plan developed for each client, Bellwether's investment management, estate planning, and insurance services are utilized to execute the plan. This ensures that a holistic approach to achieving client goals is implemented and a consistent client experience is achieved across multiple teams and offices.


Bellwether's Adaptive ETF Strategy

The Adaptive Global ETF Strategy® combines team wisdom with computer-aided risk modelling to evaluate specific ETF products. The end result is a repeatable and reliable process that helps your investments perform in a rapidly changing world.

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Wealth Planning Services 
A Division of Bellwether Investment Management USA Inc.

Promus Advisors aim to identify your goals, understand the motivations behind them, and develop a plan to make them a reality. As your financial steward, and as legal fiduciaries, our suite of services is designed to provide you with holistic financial solutions with your best interests in mind. Whether you’re accumulating, preserving, or distributing your assets, we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.


Advisor Solutions
A Division of Bellwether Investment Management USA Inc.

Fulcrum Equity Management supports your growth and empowers your clients with integrated end-to-end wealth management capabilities. From household rebalancing and direct indexing to auto-onboarding and risk assessment tools, we can help you stay ahead of the curve by creating a frictionless client-advisor experience.

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