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At Lorne Park Capital Partners (LPCP), prudent growth is our core philosophy when it comes to business building and investing. Too often, businesses follow a "growth for growth's sake" or "growth-at-all-costs" mindset. History has shown that these approaches often fail. Our belief is that if you have a sound business strategy that is consistently executed and guided by your core values, this will result in steady growth over the long term.

This has been our approach since the founding of our company and has led to approximately 60% annualized growth for more than a decade.

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the facts of the matter

Our growth strategy is rooted in the irrefutable fact that there is a large aging boomer generation that is at, or in, retirement with distinct needs that aren't well served by the financial community.

For investors, that often translates into the need for retirement income and prudent growth to protect against inflation.

For wealth/financial advisors and portfolio managers, who are frequently the same age as their clients, must often consider a succession plan in order to effectively transition their clients to the next generation of advisors and be fairly compensated for their life's work.

Based on these facts, we have crafted our growth strategy, which is comprised of the following four key pillars:

4 growth pillars

 the four legs of our growth strategy

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Organic Growth.  One concept consisting of two elements: existing client referrals, which are a significant contributor to growth that can be enhanced over time, and digital marketing with a focus on thought leadership, which raises the broader awareness of our partners across their markets and specialties.

We know that a happy, well-served client is more likely to refer their friends and family to our partners. To be well served, we must focus on each aspect of the client experience and constantly work to improve it. Our belief is that if we continuously strive to better serve our clients' planning and investment needs and respond to their feedback regularly, we will not only have happy clients but true advocates of our partners. Advocacy translates into client referrals. We use tools like net promoter scores and feedback from team members to continue to refine our client experience.

Many investors can attest to the challenge of understanding current events in the context of investing when there are countless, often conflicting views. While we don't profess to have all the answers, we do have a very deep roster of experts: within our team, with our partners, and with hand-selected specialists in the fields of economics, strategy, and quantitative and fundamental research. With this expertise at hand, we are able to make sense of many of the issues facing investors today and screen out much of the noise. It is with that perspective that we strive to be thought leaders in the investment and wealth management world. We disseminate this viewpoint through our digital marketing strategy, which is intended to effectively reach the investor audience that we serve. By standing out in a crowded field, we believe we will continue to attract a growing number of investors and wealth/financial advisors that have confidence in our expertise and approach to investing.

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Financial Advisor Transitions.  We find that many wealth/financial advisors have grown weary of the operational and compliance responsibilities within their practice. They will often tell us that "it's not fun anymore" and that they want to get back to focusing on serving their clients. Our strategy offers advisors a way to streamline their practice and create greater consistency in the investment services they provide to their clients. This allows them to refocus on where they truly add value: helping their clients achieve their financial goals through a well-constructed financial plan. In short, together, we make it fun again!

We achieve this outcome by fully transitioning the advisor and their client base onto our platform using our automated onboarding process, which is managed by our transitions team. In this process, the heavy lifting of mountains of paperwork is eliminated, and the advisor can focus on communicating the benefits of why they joined us. Once transitioned, our wealth advisors work with our portfolio managers to deliver a more consistent, lower-risk investment strategy that provides exposure to both the public and private markets. This combination has led to accelerated AUM and revenue growth for our partners.

Our strategy also provides liquidity, transparency, and diversification for advisors and addresses the succession and ownership transition issues facing many practices.

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External Referrals.  While some advisors choose to move their entire client base onto our platform to fully benefit from the streamlining of their practice, others prefer to remain with their current firm and simply partner with us via client referral. In this situation, third-party advisors partner with our portfolio managers to refer their clients to us so that we can provide our unique investment solutions. The referring advisor continues to provide financial planning and other services to their client while we focus exclusively on investment management.

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Portfolio Management/RIA firm AcquisitionSimilar to the situation described above for advisor transitions, we find a growing number of PM/RIA firms that struggle to manage all of the demands on their time while ensuring the high level of "boutique" service they want to provide their clients. The many demands also limit their ability to market their services sufficiently to continue to grow. We have acquired numerous firms facing this situation, and by centralizing operations, compliance, and accounting functions, our strategy has allowed our partners to get back to what they do best: take care of their clients' wealth.

This focus translates into more satisfied clients (i.e., stable revenue) and AUM (assets under management) growth, which allows our partners to maximize the value of their practice. Our strategy also provides liquidity, transparency, and diversification to the owners of the partner firms and addresses the succession and ownership transition issues facing many firms.

Because together, works better.

"By working together, pooling our resources and building on our strengths, we can accomplish great things."

— Ronald Reagan

Whether you're an investor or a partner—together we're better.

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